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Campagne intro

“Restov, shining jewel of Brevoy sits on the south eastern border of the land. A city known for its belief in every man’s freedom, it supports Rostland as a capital of trade and for many years has been the major access point into the Bervan south. It’s tall spires boast not only the University of Restov, dedicated to research, but the Aldori Academy of Blades, the best martial school in the region.

Brevoy is a cool country, with heavy snows in the winters, and warm but short summers. To the north, the Rostland Plains are farmed, a breadbasket for the entire region. East lies the foothills of the Icerime peaks, rolling and gentle near Restov but turning steep and craggy as they near the Valley of Fire - some two weeks distance by horse. To the south the city is edged by the Shrike, a wide and slow river once used for trade with other countries but plagued by river pirates and bandits. South of the shrike lies a largely unsettled land often referred to as the Stolen Lands or the Green Belt. To those with a knack for cartography, this Green Belt is formally part of The River Kingdoms. West of Restov lies more farmland and light forest, quickly deepening into untamed wilderness within a week’s travel.

Restov balances a delicate line these days. Rumors of Issian discontent in the north are growing. Poor harvests and harsh winters have left the entire country with empty cellars and lean prospects. These same events have affected Rostland -- what was once a trickle of refugees seeking aid in the larger cities has instead become a steady stream of people unable to feed or support their families. Beggars and homeless peasants are a common sight in what is fast becoming an overcrowded city.

Making matters worse, the regional governors and Swordlords seem unconcerned with the plight of the citizens. Appeals to open the food stores and warehouses for aid have been met with a solid lack of sympathy, driving the refugees and people of the city to frustration and anger. Soup kitchens are becoming taxed, crime continues to rise, and people’s patience wears thin. The citizens are quickly being driven to desperate acts in these trying times.

Of, zoals Bruce het verwoordt, "Er zijn geruchten over piratenwappies in het noorden en schorriemorrie in het zuiden. Maar in het zuiden is er eerst ook een stuk niemandsland."

You have been in the city for a short time, after a second night outside the walls. Today, at noon, you should meet with a Mister Taulivers at the Three Bells Alehouse...

KarakterSpelerCohort vanXPNodig voor
volgend level
Single-/multiclassTotaal Level
Andre Mizoman Johan 35.796 17.204 ( 4% bereikt)Brawler 1 / Fighter 56
Bruce McLean Vulridir Sr 35.899 17.101 ( 5% bereikt)Rogue swashbuckler 66
Mea Ho'okala Upua Tuning 35.896 17.104 ( 5% bereikt)Arcanist 66
Ollie Wolf - Ours is Right. Jacco 35.748 17.252 ( 4% bereikt)Bloodrager 1 / Spellthief 56
Roderick Hosking Sietze 35.946 17.054 ( 5% bereikt)Warpriest 66
Ruach Ahasveros Pake 35.896 17.104 ( 5% bereikt)Divine Hunter - Cook 66
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