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Waarom heten ze de Likpadstam?Waarom heten ze de Likpadstam?
Speciaal voor Jacco - dobbelen en random effecten :-)

Alle goblins van je stam heeft een pad mee. Waar, precies, het verblijft ... is aan jou.

Toad Licking

The swamps near the little burg of Sandpoint have little to offer the casual visitor save bug bites and possible disease vectors. The flora and fauna there are on the whole unremarkable with one exception. These swamps are the singular home of a species of toad called the “Skull-back toad”. The black and red patterns on its back do resemble a humanoid skull. These toads continue growing until predation or disease or mishap ends their lives, thus some locals have reported seeing one large enough to swallow a sheep whole, and rumors abound of man eating ones deeper inside the bogs.

Their secret to survival is a substance they secrete from wart-like glands on their back. The effects of this toxin vary by the individual toad and how frightened or excited it is, and the biochemistry of the consumer. Vomiting, disorientation, penalization, and temporary blindness have been reported. The toxin seems to lose potency once removed from the toad’s back, but alchemist have tried raining them to harvest the toxin with little effect.

 One of the local goblin-tribes discovered the odd properties of the toad. What first started with “I dare you to lick that” and laughing at the results soon elevated to keeping them around for entertainment. From there the goblins began to build up a tolerance for the toxin. Now they often lick them to attempt a religious trance (Where things glow or you can see snippets of the future, though usually just a few seconds into the future). Young goblins are forced to lick the toads at an early age, while the older ones squeal in delight as they puke, stagger, drool, and go stiff as a board.

The toads can be licked in combat (A standard action) and sometimes will give the imbiber a sudden boost of strength or even heal wounds and fatigue.

The effects of the poison worsen the more that is consumed.
Thus the first “lick” of a day (Sleeping 8 hours purges the toxin from the body) is a DC 13 Fortitude save. The DC increases by 2 with each successive lick.

DC 13 fortitude save.

If successful roll a d6

1-            Strength increase +4 for 5 rounds
2-            Dexterity increase +4 for 5 rounds
3-            Constitution increase +4 for 5 rounds
4-            Heals d6 hit points
5-            Can see all magic auras for 5 rounds
6-            Cures d8+1 Hit Points and removes any conditions (Including blindness and deafness)

If failed roll a d6

1             Spend 1 round projectile vomiting then shaken for 3 rounds
2             Dazed for 3 rounds
3             Sickened for 3 rounds
4             Confused for 3 rounds
5             Blinded for 3 rounds
6             Paralyzed for d4 rounds (But you see the most amazing things. Roll a d20 and add your wisdom bonus If it is equal to or above 13 you gain a +3 insight bonus to any d20 rolls you make for the next d4 rounds.)

Toad Lickers capture fingerling toads fresh out of their tadpole stage and tame them. Hours a day are spent finding particularly juicy bugs, and later mice or birds for the larger ones. A particularly good toad may be fought over as spoils after a goblins death. Some aficionados amongst the tribe feel that a diet of certain types of insects brings on certain effects most often. Each diet is a closely guarded secret.

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