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Runes of Revival - Jacco TrapRunes of Revival - Jacco Trap

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Undead plague Verdune’s countryside. The Seekers propose to establish a Zone of the Green, using the heart of life itself to create a place of safety within Verdune. To this end you allied yourselves with Lathgaren’s group, joining the human magister in Erdina’s Library of Light. Over the past two years, you’ve fought undead at night and combed through rubble by day seeking a solution. Lathgaren found new hope six months ago: a reference to an ancient power cyst known as the Pool of Runes. The pool is rumored to hold power incarnate—the Runes of Revival, a source of
the Green made manifest. Lathgaren set off immediately, seeking the pool along Lake Ravish’s shores. Word came back sporadically, reporting an ancient dragon citadel found on the shores of the lake, but not a trace of the pool.
Then, eight days ago, you discovered a priceless treasure— a crumbling parchment scroll written in a heavy hand, bearing the mark of the Hanavere Trinity. In the language of ancient Sennes, the text mentioned the rune pool hidden beneath the Dragonstone Temple, described the Revelation Ceremony necessary to open the way to the pool, and set forth the Rite of Revival—the only means of controlling the runes. The scroll also revealed that performing the rite on Landsmilk of this year is crucial. Unless this critical information reaches Stonedock in eight days, by the festival of Landsmilk, all would be for naught—at least, for the next twentyfive years. You set off at once, a solid company of
eight braving the long road to Stonedock.

Surely the magister must have found the Pool of Runes by now. By harnessing its power with the Rite of Revival, Lathgaren can create the Zone of the Green. But first, you must reach the magister with the precious Hanavere scroll.

The last message from the Seekers at Stonedock spoke guardedly of success, as if they feared revealing too much. Taking refuge in a star-shaped fort within the mostly abandoned fishing village, the dwindling group of Seekers hopes to hold out until Lathgaren finishes his work. At the same time, they seemed worried about the ever increasing strength of the landcursed undead. Hopefully
they can make it until you arrive.

Eight days made for a long road and an arduous journey. Beset by undead on three dark nights, you’ve rested little—and even in slumber you are haunted by visions of them clawing and biting, eternally ravenous. You’ve lost two companions along the way and uttered solemn funeral ceremonies while burning their bodies to ash with fire and spells—the only way to prevent them from joining the undead hordes. Now your destination lies just ahead.
Thunder and lightning echo and flash above the lake, and winds churn the waters below. Thankfully, you see that only the clouds, and not the rain, extend to Lake Ravish’s western shore. Today is Landsmilk, a festival of the land’s bounty, and you have arrived at Stonedock with little time to spare.

As you near Stonedock, you see a spectacular sculpture carved into a portion of the cliff south of the village. Next to the finished carving of a mighty woman in armor, work continues on a man bearing a staff. Hanging by a rope, seemingly oblivious to your passing and the menacing storm, a litorian woman slowly chips at one of the man’s sleeves.

note :
It is Common Year 1708, 50 years before the return of the dragons, and the future of Verdune is bleak. Exiled for his love of the giant, Aia-Dalnora, the human magister Lathgaren has toiled in Erdina, the ruined capital of Verdune, for many years. He seeks protective magics to defend against the undead scourge terrorizing the land. The magister became a leader of other such Seekers while searching for the Runes of Revival, an ancient power source he believed might stop the undead. Stumbling across a forgotten memory stone in Erdina’s ancient Library of Light,
Lathgaren found a brief reference that pointed him toward the Lake Ravish region to the northwest. Departing with his lover, the magister set out six months ago, seeking an ancient dragon citadel near the lake with hopes that the runes might still exist.

KarakterSpelerCohort vanXPNodig voor
volgend level
Single-/multiclassTotaal Level
Enox Paradox Pake 10.001 4.999 ( 0% bereikt)Bard 55
Ghelwa Aurum Tuning 10.001 4.999 ( 0% bereikt)Fighter 3 / Racial adjust 25
Gimlor of the Silverbeards Vulridir Sr 10.001 4.999 ( 0% bereikt)cleric 55
Ilikan Longleaper Oglakanu Johan 7.001 2.999 ( 25% bereikt)Fighter 44
Mao Maaow Jeff 10.001 4.999 ( 0% bereikt)Spellthief 4 / Racial Adjust 15
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