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A dragon's hoard!A dragon's hoard!Gespeeld bij/in Leeuwarden op 11 dec 2019

There were three chests full of fine silverware labelled, “For Lunaria, my princess of the moon. ”
These items all had a lunar motif and were of purest silver. There was a magical bag that opened into a space the size of a large room. A flying broom was labelled with a tag that read, “Acquired from one E.L. Phaba, W .W .o.t.W ., after she threatened to ‘send her flying monkeys after me.'” Other items included a small golden idol of a fat demonic or infernal figure of uncertain origin with two ruby eyes; a platinum statuette of a running horse that when tossed into the air would orbit the owner’s head and grant him or her great skill in riding; a large collection of one thousand different gold pieces from across the planes, no two alike; a beautiful and intricate rug made of silk and gold wire covered in arabesque motifs; a rod that extended the duration of a caster’s spells and which resembled a fine black ebony wood walking stick with a silver cobra head; a spice cabinet imbued with magic that prevented stored food from spoiling, filled with over a hundred pounds of exotic spices; a single massive mammoth tusk made of unblemished ivory; a golden sextant in a lacquer case easily fifty or sixty years ahead of current technology; an enchanted ring made of mithral with two green jade studs on either sides that, when squeezed, would cause the wearer to blink in and out of existence; a heavy steel shield that was solid black at first, but when wielded, formed any device desired upon the black field by the bearer and granted a degree of invulnerability; a chest full of finely made board games from a dozen worlds and different eras; six potions wrapped and contained in a belt pouch with a note that read: “Drink for hope.”; a vicious looking helm made from a human skull which featured jagged iron horns; a heavy wooden wine rack with a sign that read, “Medicinal Liquor Only,” and which contained 100 bottles of rare brandies, whiskies and other liquors from across the planes; a large block of obsidian that, though it radiated magic, seemed to be of no real worth; a life-size bronze statue of an elegant nude female elf; and a box full of skulls, including those of a chimera, manticore, wyvern, aboleth, river drake, cyclops, hill giant, and warg as well as other less identifiable bones.

As Rizzen looked over the hoard with his comrades, he felt a strong pull in his mind from Helbrand. His eyes were drawn to a satin pillow upon which rested a ruby sword pommel. The pommel screwed easily into place and the blade immediately whispered, “Complete me and I will serve thee.”

Finally amidst the valuables there was a strange item – a crystalline vessel containing a floating skull. It was Licere who noticed this, and as he picked up the vessel, two points of crimson light flared within the eye sockets of the skull.
“Free me,” it whispered with a hideous hiss. “I will grant thee immortality, if you will but free me.”

Gepost door Jeff op 5 januari 2020 om 23:48 uur.
Reacties van bezoekers (10 reacties)
RookRook (Jacco)

Loot LOOT loOt LOot lOot LooT looT LoOT (ik voel me soms ook bard)

Gepost op 6 januari 2020 om 8:31.
Holy DMHoly DM (Jeff)

Voor Johan - de lootlijst

Gepost op 8 januari 2020 om 19:49.


Gepost op 8 januari 2020 om 19:50.
Rizzen VrinnRizzen Vrinn (Johan)

Mooie loot lijst.
Wat wordt er allemaal verkocht?

Gepost op 10 januari 2020 om 15:48.
Rizzen VrinnRizzen Vrinn (Johan)

Concentrerend op de Hellbrand vraag ik hem wat hij nog nodig heeft?

Gepost op 10 januari 2020 om 15:50.
Hai'AHai'A (Eric)

Ik denk kokend water, hij wil thee serveren

Gepost op 11 januari 2020 om 12:07.
OnyxOnyx (Opa)

Misschien kunnen we ook wel drakenbloedworst maken.

Thee is voor mietjes

Gepost op 11 januari 2020 om 20:42.

@Eric: Het plaatje bij je karakter mag niet van het type pdf zijn.... :-(

Gepost op 12 januari 2020 om 10:27.

Ik ben mij er niet van bewust iets te hebben veranderd, misschien heb ik mijn karaktersheet een keer geupload met de verkeerde knop.
E.e.a. is aangepast.

Gepost op 13 januari 2020 om 11:21.
Hai'AHai'A (Eric)

Ik houd mij aanbevolen voor de onstervelijkheidsthee.

Gepost op 13 januari 2020 om 11:22.
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